The Services I can offer are: assessment, individual therapy and training for parents and carers.

An appointment is arranged following a discussion of the child’s difficulty and gives an indication as to whether physiotherapy may help.

Initial Assessments are either carried out over the telephone or at the beginning of the first appointment. This takes between 15–30 minutes. Following an initial assessment a set of formal tests and observations are carried out. This assessment takes up to 1 hour for each area of difficulty.

Reports from other professionals can be useful as part of the assessment and it is helpful to read these as part of the assessment.

Treatment Goals are agreed with the client and their carers. (Please have a look at my 'Aims and goals' factsheet to find out more about how these are set.) Treatment/Therapy sessions may be carried out at your home, and by arrangement, in school, or at one of my treatment venues.

Sessions last approximately 50 minutes. I provide exercise programmes to carry out between sessions and will give an indication of the number of treatment sessions that I recommend to meet the agreed treatment goals. After each session, I will send you a summary of the appointment by email, including information on any changes to the home actvity programme.

Treatment/Therapy techniques are chosen following the assessment. This can involve, mobilizations, facilitation and/or exercise programmes. Ergonomic Advice may be given if it is felt that this will help limit the risk of further pain or injury.

Letters and Reports are written as required and charged for seperately.

I need a signed consent form for all patients before starting treatment.

Data Protection

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Data Controller in relation to any personal data you or others supply in connection with any treatment is Georgina Phyllis Farmer (PZ7839862).

  1. Data Used will be for provision and administration of patient care only.
  2. Personal Details may include family, educational, photographic and medical information.
  3. Sharing of Information will be with other professionals involved with the data subject, this meets the CSP’s professional standards.
  4. Written and Printed Records will be stored and transported in a secure way.
  5. Computer Stored Information will be password protected and with network security software.

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