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Thanks for seeing Oliver again, we always come away from your appointments feeling so positive!
Alison (A parent)
April 2013


Finley and Gina’s Adventures; a story by Finley, aged 8

One day Finley and Gina were really bored. Fin loved doing his exercises but Gina thought Finley should go on a magical adventure.

Gina wanted Finley to know all about his leg muscles and how they work. She got her magic dust out and sprinkled it on herself and Finley. They counted to three and ‘BOOM’ they shrank down so small, even smaller than a flea, they held hands, and then they opened their eyes... they found themselves inside a leg looking right at a calf muscle!!!

Finley found out all about ‘tone’ and ‘range’ and how and why his legs work like they do. They both had a fantastical time, it was their little secret.

Finley’s mum was very surprised when Finley could explain all about leg muscles; Gina and Finley gave each other a knowing look....

The End xxx

Here is a short video of Finley before and after his SDR operation in 2012


Thank you again for all your help and we will certainly call on you again if the need arises.
Jo (A parent)
Sept 2012


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